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Dublin 2007

So you want to see my pictures of Dublin…
Ok, I’ll show to you in a moment, but before that I must say something.

I want to thank all of the people that I met this summer in Dublin. I can’t remember the name of everyone: with someone I’ve exchanged only few words, someone else has become a real friend (they know who I’m referring to…), but all of them made this holiday unforgettable.

Now, as promised, the pictures: Dublin 2007 gallery
I would really appreciate if you leave some comment on the pictures. It’s a way to keep us in touch, so write your thoughts in the comments, please. For any problem regarding the pictures, email me.

One last thing: unfortunately I don’t have the email address of a couple that I met in Dublin. They are Italians (Lecco, in the northern part near Milan), and they are both geologists. I would really like to hear them again so, if you (or someone you know) know them, please contact me.